Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

Become A Ethical Hacker

There are a multitude of Cyber Security Certifications, but only TAC Global Technology builds the true hands-on skills that go beyond theory and tests on the pragmatics of security administration, management, audit, and software security.

The CPEH certification training enables students to understand the importance of vulnerability assessments by providing industry knowledge and skills in Vulnerability Assessments. In doing so, the CPEH student is able to understand how malware and destructive viruses function. In addition, the CPEH course helps students learn how to implement counter response and preventative measures when it comes to a network hack.

Why Certified Professional Ethical Hacker Training is Important?

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker Training helps you acquire much deeper skills and knowledge that was part of your bachelor’s degree.

All medium to large businesses and organisations today have moved towards digitizing their operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Computers and the internet have become a necessary element for a company’s success and operations and businesses are actively looking for employees fluent in using computers and technology.

CPEH Training Outline

Course Modules: 
Module 1 – Introduction to Ethical HackingModule 9 – Social Engineering
Module 2 – Linux FundamentalsModule 10 – Active Reconnaissance
Module 3 – ProtocolsModule 11 – Vulnerability Assessment
Module 4 - CryptographyModule 12 – Network Attacks
Module 5 - Password CrackingModule 13 – Hacking Servers
Module 6 - MalwareModule 14 – Hacking Web Technologies
Module 7 – Security Devices
Module 15 - Hacking Wireless Technologies
Module 8 – Information Gathering - Passive
Module 16 – Maintaining Access and Covering

CPEH LAB Outline

CPEH LAB Outline 
Lab 1 – Intro to C)PEH SetupLab 7 – Vulnerability Assessment
Lab 2 - Linux FundamentalsLab 8 – Network Sniffing/IDS
Lab 3 – Understanding ProtocolsLab 9 - Windows Hacking
Lab 4 - Cryptography LabLab 10 – Attacking Databases
Lab 5 – Password CrackingLab 11 – Attacking Web Applications
Lab 6 - MalwareLab 12 - Backdoors


The Certified Professional Ethical Hacker exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”), The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. The cost is $500 USD

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