TAC Global Network. is company dedicated to effective ideas and innovative designs to provide total solutions in Intelligent Technology. We are all set to establish new milestone and usher in revolution in these fields. TGN is established primarily to provide innovative Information and communication solutions for the emerging technological society. We want to empower the society with the knowledge and innovative application of emerging Information and Communication technologies of the future.

Network Design : 

With the implementation of networking in different industries, it has become clear that a well-designed and systematic networking is necessary which helps to work in an efficient and effective manner. A good network design helps to integrate, understand and optimize the designing of the network for various technical and non-technical industries, companies etc.

We specialize in designing a wide-range of network for small and large scale industries, our corporate clients, professionals, business owners etc. Our team is efficient to handle various types of network design by using the practical knowledge of networking concepts. They also focus on planning and designing network strategy in a very careful manner, which, in turn, helps to meet the requirements of the clients in specific time duration.

We advise our clients to avail the maximum benefit of network design which includes a number of benefits like:

  1. Minimize the total cost of ownership through network design optimization.
  2. It also helps to understand the alternative designing options for your network.
  3. It meets all the requirements which increase the productivity as well as helps to make appropriate decisions for future service offerings.

Network Consulting : 

As the world evolves into various types of technical and non-technical industries, it has become necessary to analyze and evaluate the aspects of these technical issues. Today, many network consultants assist, organize and implement the usage of information technology in a very effective manner.

We are a leading consultant in the field of networking and we believe in catering the service of network consultancy to our customers, corporate clients, professionals, business owners, etc. We help them to explore various types of network infrastructure, how to get and where to install, that help them to work in a flexible manner by generating maximum revenue for their businesses. Our team consists of certified and experienced engineers who have expertise in a variety of areas ranging from LAN/WAN, network security, IP communications to business and many more. The prior importance is given to our clients. The team develops a full-fledge strategy until the client is satisfied. This, in turn, also gives our team the confidence to handle various types of simple as well as complex networking issues.

We specialize in network consulting, design and structure, which includes:

  1. LAN and WAN (Local Area Network and Wide Area Network)
  2. Data centers and hosted solutions
  3. Physical and data security
  4. Design & configuration
  5. Bandwidth and traffic monitoring
  6. Network assessments and troubleshooting
  7. Existing network upgrade and redesign
  8. Network integration

Network Deployment : 

Designing a network solution and implementing them into a broad phase helps a lot to streamline various types of working procedure in an effective manner. Network deployment offers an integrated solution to multiple components of the network for various types of industries with a huge platform.

We are leading in various types of networking like network consulting, network design, network security and are also leveraging the benefits of network deployment to our clients. We provide various types of service under network deployment like IP video security, high-speed internet access etc that enhances to rebuild your network and security infrastructure.

Some of our basic features that we cover under network deployment are as follows:

  1. Before executing the network into physical deployment, we thoroughly plan and the important aspect of networking through designing.
  2. We provide the best possible troubleshooting to our clients regarding network deployment.

Desktop virtualization is a valuable technology platform and solves several business problems. With the many benefits desktop virtualization has to offer for an environment, there are four prominent categories that stand out.

Rapidly changing technology often leaves small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) struggling to stay on top. Deploying desktop computers is not an easy task, and with operating system patches being released every week just for operating systems, keeping software updated can be daunting. Meanwhile, when new employees come aboard, the business needs to have a machine ready, which can take hours to provision the traditional way: installing software, patching, and ensuring the computer has the right network credentials. More SMBs are turning to desktop virtualization as a means to provide computing to their workforce while keeping costs down, particularly in a tough economy where having a full-time IT staff is a luxury.

Desktop virtualization provides many benefits, not the least of which is reducing maintenance costs. The rise of cloud computing has enabled companies to discard the traditional machine-based IT model and create virtual desktops, which do not require individual maintenance. Here are just a few benefits of going virtual that SMBs reap.

TAC Global, recognizes problems faced by organizations trying to achieve data on demand in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our server virtualization and consolidation solutions are customized for each company’s individual needs in order to optimize their IT investments.

By investing in a server virtualization solution, organizations will be able to utilize server resources to the fullest efficiency, increase security and ensure high availability to offer business continuity – all without human intervention.

Some additional benefits of adding a server virtualization solution to your company include:

  1. Decreased costs – Less hardware, maintenance and power consumption.
  2. Provides an ideal testing environment.
  3. Increased performance – Virtualization offers automation which, along with server utilization, increases the efficiency of your server.

The word, Surveillance , itself explains lots of things. It means to watch someone closely by the authorities in a bank or a company. Today, the importance of having surveillance system has been increased a lot, as it helps to keep an eye by controlling shoplifting, armed robbery, employee theft, burglary etc. Video surveillance plays a vital role in protecting people and property around the clock. It has become accessible to procure any type of surveillance system for the protection of people and premises.

We too believe to secure the safety of people, property or premises. We provide a versatile feature of security cameras by ensuring extensive high-quality functions with latest features in it. The cameras are solely designed and functioned to meet our client’s requirements which help to minimize their cost effectiveness. We help to Install, Configure and Consult our corporate clients to select the right kind of surveillance system that benefits their interest.

The key benefits of a surveillance system are:

  1. It helps to prevent employee theft. In almost, every company, there are employees who steal from the workplace. Due to this lot of loss a company has to incur. The surveillance system helps to monitor thefts by avoiding the loss to the company.
  2. With the help of surveillance system the behavior of employee can be monitored.
  3. Many small and large companies are able to monitor each and every action of their employee which helps to minimize their time, energy by effectively increasing the productivity of the company.